Photo Art book by Ellie Laycock ways to use old and new photosAll of us have photos at home that we like and want to keep, but often they lay hidden away in packets or on a digital hard drive where we don’t get to see or enjoy them. My aim with this book is to bring these images out of the dark and teach you how to use them to create wonderful new things for the home or personalized gifts for loved ones, so that these special images get a chance to shine.

Discover how to use old slides to make a window decoration, as well as how to print onto fabric to create a unique tote or purse. Find out ways of using paper prints, from transferring images onto ceramics to decorating table tops. Unusual methods of framing photos are also included – why not try using old vintage watch housings as bracelt picture frames?

Any techniques you’ll need to know are clearly explained – in particular, creating copies of photos, so precious originals are not lost, and undertaking basic digital edits – making this book an ideal source of inspiration for crafters both new and experienced.

Published March 2015 by CICO BOOKS


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