New KIMONO LUXE upcycled vintage cushions for Liberty Best Of British 2013

Posted on June 26, 2013 in Textiles

Hunted and Stuffed started out originally with a scrap of vintage Japanese silk from a woven Obi (Kimono belt) and an idea about upcycling so it seems really fitting that we can finally announce the launch of our new range of Kimono Luxe cushions!

Our boldest pieces are one-of-a-kind works of art that take the form of large bolsters, handmade from exquisite sections of vintage Japanese wedding Kimono silks and brocades.

Kimono Luxe Upcycled Vintage Cushions by Hunted and Stuffed

Japanese vintage wedding kimonos (Uchikake) can be breathtaking in the amount of detail and craftsmanship that goes into making them.

Woven designs and carefully selected motifs are laden with symbolism and worked in real gilt threads in silver and gold. Each Kimono is a unique piece of art and the designs flow over the whole of the garment therefore each section of fabric is completely individual once the garment is unpicked.

Narrow looms dictate the width of these panels and historically in order to wash one of these kimono, the garment would be unpicked, cleaned and then sewn back together, such is the attention to detail and the precious nature of the fabric.

Orange Kimono Luxe Upcycled Vintage Cushion by Hunted and Stuffed

This is our first piece, made for the Liberty Best Of British 2013.

Liberty is hugely significant in the history of the Kimono in the UK. Arthur Lasenby, Liberty’s founder, imported beautiful and historically significant antique embroideries from the Far East and sold important Kimono pieces to the V&A Museum as early as 1877.

This is the video by Liberty from this years Best Of British Call, look out for me about 30 seconds in!

Embroidered Crane vintage kimono cushion by Hunted and Stuffed

Cranes and Plum Blossoms adorn this brocade against a fiery orange and gold backdrop woven of gilt thread.

Brocade Crane gilt thread upcycled kimono cushion by Hunted and Stuffed

Cranes are believed to live to 1000 years of age and inhabit the Land of the Immortals and so adorning a wedding Kimono with them is to imbue the wearer with their symbolic properties.

Plum Blossom vintage Kimono cushion by Hunted and Stuffed

Plum Blossoms have a seasonal meaning and as the first flower of the year to bloom, they symbolise rebirth and longevity. It is possible that this Bride was married in the early spring time. Again by wrapping her in these symbols the intention was that she would experience longevity in life and marriage.

Orange Kimono Luxe Upcycled vintage kimono art by Hunted and Stuffed 
We hunt for these amazing vintage textiles and often source them directly from Japan, it takes 8 weeks for them to arrive before we start work upcycling them into our Kimono Luxe pieces. As each textile is different, we carefully select a complimentary coloured luxury cotton velvet that really lets the textile come alive, in this case a luscious orange, and we source this from a London based luxury fabric business that has been trading for over three generations.

With such heavy brocade, there can be many threads that run across the back of the designs so we make sure to line the textile with cotton and overlock all edges for strength. We fit a matching concealed zip into the base so that the pad can be removed and fill the bolsters with luxury feather pads that have been made here in the UK.

Orange Velvet and hand foiled tag by Hunted and Stuffed

Finally, each piece comes with a foiled tag which has been handmade on a vintage hand printing press again here in the UK and details the unique history of each individual piece and it’s edition: 1 of 1.

To see more of our designs please visit

What do you think of our Kimono Luxe pieces? We’d love to know your thoughts, please leave comments at the end.



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This summer has seen both the sad passing of “First Man On The Moon” Neil Armstrong and the Mars probe ‘Curiosity’ successfully land on Mars to begin it’s exploration. Space was also a theme seen all over the catwalks recently so it’s lucky for us then that we’ve sourced these amazing original vintage textiles to make our own space capsule collection!

apollo moon landing 1969 souvenir vintage
Kennedy quote 1961 apollo moon cushion vintage
upcycled cushion apollo moon space
These amazing original vintage scarves were made in 1969 to celebrate the Apollo Moon Landing which made Neil Armstrong a household name. They were found perfectly preserved in a suitcase owned by a travelling salesman working in California, USA in the 1970’s.

We have sewn them into fabulous large cushions with a blue velvet back and matching concealed zip. Available in our shop here:

These upcycled vintage tea towel cushions are also made by upcycling original vintage souvenir textiles from 1969.
This design is so bright and fresh it’s hard to believe how old it is!! The ‘Man On The Moon’ design features a rocket,portraits of the astronauts and a moonscape and American flag.
The reverse is made with eco-friendly off-cuts from the textile industry and is a designer fabric that was selected as it looks like an astronaut’s space suit!
We’ve only made three of these. Available from our shop here: Sorry: Sold Out

Look out for some vintage Star Wars cushions coming soon!

Routemaster London Bus Cushions

Posted on June 18, 2012 in Textiles

I love the iconic design of the classic London Routemaster Bus, introduced in the mid 1950’s and still in service until fairly recently.
Of course it would be hard to beat the London Bus that was unveiled at the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony which featured a flip-top lid and Leona Lewis strapped to a stick which extended skyward with a bit of a wobble but perhaps, at this summer’s Olympics, there will be an even better treat. We can only wait with baited breath.

In the meantime I have been rummaging around hunting for vintage goodies and uncovered these fine London Bus original 1970’s tea towels which we have, as ever, upcycled into amazing and unique cushions just for you!

This is one of a pair of souvenir Harrod’s tea towels from 1978 and 1979 respectively each with a calendar for that year. This 1978 one has London landmarks in the background. The 1979 one below has a drawing of the Harrod’s store front as a backdrop. Both feature the RM2214 Routemaster Bus which is none other than the former Enfield (and Edmonton) showbus.

I also found this great vintage London Zoo tea towel which would look fab in a kid’s room. It features lots of animals and birds on the bus with a monkey eating a banana, a rather large elephant on the top deck (wise?) with a very squashed zebra sat next to him and an almost Biblical scene of a snake offering an apple to a perplexed looking giant panda.

Thanks for looking and enjoy your journey. Ding Ding!

Dulwich Open House 2012

Posted on May 13, 2012 in Textiles

This weekend it’s Dulwich Open House for May 2012. Hunted and Stuffed have been hanging out at Jo from Mot Du Jour’s beautiful house along with lots of other designer/makers. I took some photos to share with you of some of the goodies and people behind them from this fab weekend.

This is Rachael from Moth & Co with some of her lampshades made from vintage fabrics and silk scarves. I love her fairy light shades below. Always nice to meet a fellow upcycler!
This is Joy from Random Retail holding one of her latest vintage-inspired cushion designs.
Lovely vintage finds from The OK Corral
Jane Cumberbatch of Pure Style fame with her new cook book. (Loving her pure style linen tea towels!)
Going down stairs….
Oh look, some upcycled tea towel cushions!
Mot Du Jour’s vintage goodies, loving the little yellow lampshades on the top shelf.
These boots are Jo’s definition of “Vintage”.
Lovely Nel from Nel’s Cakes – as you can see she is nearly sold out. Speaks for itself!
Out in the garden now, the rain held off for us.

Yesterday the shop run by the kids from the garden shed was open for business and doing a roaring trade but sadly today, according to the sign, it is “Closd”.

Next outing for H&S will be the official Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant in Battersea Park, London where we will have a stall in the Etsy Marketplace on the 3rd June. Hope to see you there! x

Happy Birthday Ma’am – Vintage Royal Cushions

Posted on April 19, 2012 in Textiles

This Saturday is the Birthday (or one of them at least) of Her Maj. Happy Birthday Ma’am! So I thought it might be time for a little round up of what Hunted and Stuffed have been making with the Monarch in mind. I’ve heard there might be a right Royal knees up going on this summer. If it all gets too much then best to have a little sit down, perhaps on something comfy…

Upcycled Cushion
bank note cushion
God save The Queen

I love these buttons. They are original vintage silver metal police uniform buttons which feature the Queen’s initials and her crown motif making them a perfect match for royal themed cushions.

Upcycled tea towel pillow
1977 jubilee pillow
silver jubilee pillow
westminster jubilee cushion

Have a look on my new website over at to see more Royal and Vintage London pieces. Whatever you do on Saturday I hope you have a great time. Enjoy!

Upcycled Exhibition @ The Old Cinema, London.

Posted on March 19, 2012 in Textiles

The Upcycled Exhibition at The Old Cinema, Chiswick is in full swing now until the 25th March 2012. I popped down to take some photos of the event which I wanted to share with you and give some love to the other exhibitors. There’s some really amazing upcycling going on!

Lucy Turner upcycled vintage furniture.

I love the surface design here with the layers of Graffiti just peeking through the paint.

Fabulous patchwork chairs by Kelly Swallow below.

Tube Map cushions upcycled from vintage Tea Towels by Hunted and Stuffed.

I love the style of Ines Cole, here using vintage apple crates as a side table and wooden bobbins as lamp bases.

And here’s a repurposed tub used as a side table.

Bottle cap light and Vintage Ad Chest by Woodpop.

Upcycled Union Jack cushions by Revampt.

Old vinyl records cut into interesting new shapes for decoration.
The Queen’s Head must have been hard to cut out!

Coronation china turned into candles.

A beautiful table inlaid with American Yardsticks.

Old tennis racquets upcycled into wall mirrors.

Feather covered lampshade, this has a rifle as the lamp stand.

If you can, pop down and have a look!

The Old Cinema
160 Chiswick High Street
W4 1PR

Hunted and Stuffed wins the Brand Amplifier Platinum Award!

Posted on March 1, 2012 in Textiles

I’m please to announce that I won the Brand Amplifier Platinum Award for Best Business Vision 2012!

Brand Amplifier was set up by Jeanette Pritchard of JPCreative in 2009 to empower and mentor female entrepreneurs in Lambeth.

From a wealth of applications, 17 finalists were selected and invited to attend a series of workshops at JPCreative HQ at Piano House in Brixton over a period of 4 weeks.

We were lucky enough to be mentored by Jeanette herself, Jasmine Birtles- founder of and Claire Morton – founder of Alchemy Events

Rachel O’Rourke wrote about the first of the workshops:
“Along the way, Jeannette unreservedly shared the keys to her own success. “You are the only one who can do what you’re doing, the way you are doing it,” she said. “Therefore, you are the unique element in your product, because people in business buy into you.”
“You need to ask yourself, what is different about your product? What is the unique selling point? And, what does the market need?”
Around the room, you could feel passion perspiring from the foreheads of the ladies as they listened to the wisdom of these women who had been-there-done-that.
Not only could they appreciate that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lift their business up from the paper it sat on, but they welcomed the wealth of experience exhumed by Pritchard and her team. After all, they had all once been in their position too. They knew exactly what it was like to have merely an idea; a passion; a vision.”

The 21st February was the night of the awards at the national Theatre. We all had to pitch Dragon’s Den style in front of a panel of judges consisting of Councillor Sally Prentice (Deputy Cabinet Member for Employment and Enterprise),  Sylvia Marshall from and Mildred Talabi
Platinum winner from 2009 and recent author of “7 Keys to a winning CV”.

It was a close run thing but on the night
Gold went to Kate Hathway for Tom and Amelia and
Silver was shared by Lesley Brewster from “Hotminute Magazine” and Victoria Holt from “Fred & Ginger London“.

(L-R Ellie, Lesley, Victoria, Kate & Jeanette)

All the Brand Amplifier Finalists 2012:

Outspoken Arts
Think Style
A Grape Night In
Tom and Amelia
Cheeky Suds
Maitri Natural Health Centre
Hotminute Magazine
Nicola Herlihy Costumier
Susanne Hakuba Photography
Dee Dee Bridal
Nordic Nomad
Hunted and Stuffed


L-R Jeanette (JPCreative), Me, Claire (Alchemy Events)

(Photography by Laura Cloutman)

Thanks to JP and all at JPCreative, the mentors and judges, Lambeth Council, Southwark University and Makerhood
(Makerhood interview link)

Connect with Brand Amplifier on Facebook

Upcycled Selling Exhibition at The Old Cinema 15th – 25th March 2012

Posted on February 27, 2012 in Textiles

I’m pleased to announce that my tube map cushion collection will be featured at the ‘UPCYCLED’ exhibition at

160 Chiswick High Road, London W4 1PR

which runs from

Thursday 15th – Sunday 25th March 2012.

The Old Cinema

Queen Elizabeth II Vintage Jubilee Cushions

Posted on February 6, 2012 in Textiles

Today is the anniversary of the Accession of Queen Elizabeth II and with this year being the Diamond Jubilee too I thought it would be a good time to show the vintage souvenir cushions I’ve made to celebrate all things Queeny.

I made this from an original 1953 linen tea towel which was in amazing condition. I’ve finished the back with a vintage uniform metal button with the Queen’s initials on to match part of the design on the front. (Now sold)

This stuffed cushion is also from the coronation in 1953 and is made from an original cotton souvenir handkerchief finished with royal blue cotton back and red pom pom trim. (Sold)

The Silver Jubilee in 1977 produced a plethora of wonderful commemorative souvenir designs, this one combining the Jubilee with a tourism plug for the UK using a London Bus and London Transport logos around the edge, the advert on the side of the bus says “Visit London”. (Sold)

Some of the most striking designs feature Union Jacks, here are a selection. The one above is my favourite. (Sold)

This 1977 cushion is available here.

This unusual design features Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace and I’ve finished this one with a Castle motif vintage uniform button in gold metal. Available here.

And these are the earlier cushions which have now gone on to find new homes. The suitcase photo shows some small cushions again made with original vintage souvenir hankies from the Coronation in 1953, it’s amazing how well they have kept (someone must have tucked them away safely!) I used a vintage ensign for the back of the red ones.

The first Jubilee cushion!

Happy Diamond Jubilee!!

Australia Day cushions from Hunted and Stuffed

Posted on January 12, 2012 in Textiles

It’s Australia Day soon and I wanted to share with you some covers that I’ve made with Australia in mind.
As I source my vintage pieces, I’m sometimes attracted by themes I’m currently hunting for or sometimes just the striking designs I come across really catch my eye. Either way I seem to have acquired a mini collection of Australiana along the way.

Some of these are no longer available but I thought I’d share with you anyway.

The first Australia cover I made was this one using two vintage silk scarves sewn together with a zip fastening. I found the Koala scarf first and loved it’s kitschness then when I saw the Aboriginal Dot Painting scarf with similar colours I knew I’d found a match.

(Sold out)

Sometimes natural pairs seem to emerge and this is another example of two concurrent vintage finds that seemed made for each other. These are vintage tea towels, on one side the flag and on the other a ten dollar bill. As these came up a bit smaller than usual, I stuffed it myself as it wouldn’t fit a standard pillow. (Sold)

I loved this one, now gone to a new owner! The colours are much more vibrant than depicted here. I loved the underwater creatures which reminded me of my time working at sea on the Great Barrier Reef ages ago. The calendar from 1971 made a great 40th birthday gift too.

This is one of my current favourite finds. I’m always amazed when I come across vintage textiles from the 50’s or earlier that look like new. With the London Olympics coming this year and on our radar, this one was asking to be transformed.

(Now sold)

Lastly, this one I found on a cold grey winters day and it just made me smile. It’s got lots of things about it which tick my boxes: bright, crisp colours, maps, great retro illustrations and a fun quirkiness too – world’s biggest trout anyone??!!

(Now sold)